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Metabolism Matters Most

Updated: Mar 12, 2022

Metabolism. It is discussed all the time! Wow, they have a fast metabolism they are lucky, I have a slow one. Wow, I ruined my metabolism when I was dieting all the time. Wow, I wish I had the metabolism I did when I was younger. And so on!

Metabolism is deeper than just food in and food out. It’s complex! But I am not going to bore you with discussion of the Krebs cycle but rather how to optimize your metabolism.

There are reasons that are metabolism cannot be functioning like it should be! These are barriers to having an optimal metabolism, optimal fat bearing, optimal mitochondria and optimal energy. This article will discuss some of them!


Let’s break it down:


Hormones are very important for metabolism.

For men, Testosterone is the dominant hormone. It’s important for building muscles and metabolism men. If this hormone is off in men, it can disrupt their body composition.

For women, estrogen is the dominant hormone. However, it needs to be in balance with progesterone. Estrogen does play a huge role in insulin sensitivity. When women become post-menopausal they do tend to become more insulin resistance, which can lead to weight gain and type two diabetes.

There are many things that can cause these hormones to become unbalanced. Environmental toxins are a big issue. Things like estrogen mimickers like BPA (ditch those plastic water bottles) can bind to estrogen receptors in our body and wreck have for men and females! There is even BPA in receipts- yuck!

Heavy Metals and Toxins:

Having heavy metals and environmental toxin exposures can mess with our metabolism! Causing it to slow down. With a huge live toxic burden unable to break down all the chemical we are going to store more fat to protect our body from those toxins.

A great resource is This site will go over the clean fifteen and the dirty dozen with fruits and vegetables. The ones that contain the least pesticides and the most. Which ones to buy organic and which ones you can buy conventional. Either way, make sure to soak the produce in a vinegar/water bath before consuming. Make up and household cleaning products are another area that can be swapped for cleaner products. A great place to buy cleaner products is Thrive Market.

Every little swap can help heal your metabolism!

The thyroid:

Thyroid is a major player in metabolism. It needs to be operating correctly and optimally to have your metabolism running like a well-oiled machine. Some signs of hypo thyroid include: dry skin, depression, constipation, hair loss, menstrual problems and weight gain.

Some signs of hyperthyroidism include: racing heart (palpitations), anxiety, diarrhea and weight loss.

How to know if you have a problem? Ask your doctor for a complete thyroid panel to investigate!

Gut health:

Your gut health can be responsible for metabolism! Different microbes have a role in whether you gain or lose weight. Different bacteria (gut microbiome communities) in your gut can change how you digest fiber and how that fiber is broken done.

The best way to test your gut health is through a functional test. GI effects you can order with your integrative medical doctor.

What you eat:

Nutrition is very important with metabolism. There are fast carbs (carbohydrates that spike the blood glucose levels too fast) and slow carbs (carbohydrates that have minimal effects on the blood glucose levels). Slow carbs are better choices when trying to stabilize your blood sugar and maximize your metabolism. Some examples of fast carbs: cake, candy, cookies, white flour, white sugar, pop, white potatoes.

Some examples of slow carbs: sweet potatoes, broccoli and oatmeal.

Pairing protein and fats with carbohydrates will also help keep your blood glucose in control.

Stay tuned for more information on how to maximize your metabolism!



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