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Gut Healthy

Gut Healthy 8-week health reset by Healthology by Dr. Jen

Why 8 weeks?

We are going to focus on overall health and gut health.

Six weeks is the minimum amount of time you need to give the body to see if there is a sensitivity to certain foods.


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Gut Healthy 8-week health reset by Healthology by Dr. Jen

Why 8 weeks?

We are going to focus on overall health and gut health.

Six weeks is the minimum amount of time you need to give the body to see if there is a sensitivity to certain foods.

You are going to start with taking out two of the most triggering foods to the gut: 

Gluten and dairy

Why gluten? It is very inflammatory to the gut. Also, glyphosate is very disruptive to the gut flora.

Why dairy? It can also be very inflammatory and causes a lot of digestive issues.

If you have an autoimmune issue going on you might want to consider removing all grains.


Strive for low sugar and no processed sugar during the next 8 weeks.

This means no white sugar, minimal honey, maple syrup, dates. Stevia and monk fruit are acceptable. Allulose is ok.

Be careful with sugar alcohols- like erythritol could exacerbate some gut issues like SIBO. Best to avoid sugar alcohols.


The next steps are different based on symptoms and your supplements will be a little different.

Trying these supplements for 4 weeks and they can be extended to the full 8 weeks if needed. Listen to your body.


After the protocol you want to restore the gut with prebiotics and probiotics. Gut Shield can also be continued if needed.

Post Protocol Supplements- Foundational gut health supplements can be found here.  

Do you have bloating, pain and gas after eating? Does your gas or burps smell like sulfur?

Yes- Consider the SIBO protocol


What is SIBO?

SIBO is Small Intestinal Bacteria Overgrowth. When bacteria make it to the small intestine that shouldn’t be there and can wreck havoc! Lots of gas and bloating is common with this and Methane and Sulfur producing bacteria are to blame!

Do you have mold exposure? Do you feel better when you leave your home (or work place) for an extended period of time? Do you have a positive mycotoxin test or EMRI test for your home?

Yes- Mold protocol

Do you have brain fog, sugar cravings and/or rashes? Have you had multiple yeast infections? Do you have toe nail fungus? Have you tested positive for Candida or high yeast markers on functional testing?

Yes- Candida protocol

Why is this important?

The first step to healing the gut is removing yeast, mold or bacteria that is causing a dysbiosis or imbalance in the microbiome in the gut. If you don’t REMOVE what is causing the problems to start with, you might not fully heal your gut. You would get temporary gains but not full healing.


Clearing up a dysbiosis is going to be the first step in healing the gut.

Yes, we can put bandaids over things and see if there is improvement, but this protocol is going to fix some of the underlying problems.


What would be the most optimal? Getting a stool test (such as GI effects) or urine test (OAT- organic acids test) with your doctor would be ideal before starting any protocol.


If you think you get in a jam eating out with cross contamination- DG block is going to be helpful. Take one before a meal that is concerning for cross contamination!

Another consideration is completing a parasite cleanse. Removing parasites could also be the missing chapter in your gut health story.


What do I eat?

Well, to give everyone the same diet and say it will work for everyone would be irresponsible. We are all different.
However, during the next 8 weeks there are things that I would like for you to avoid, and we can tailor things based on what you have going on.


Gluten free, Dairy free, Inflammatory Oil (seed oil) free.


These things are by far going to get you the most bang for your buck and not stress you out!


The first 2 weeks will focus on establishing the “diet” and making sure the liver is healthy and detoxification pathways are open.

The next 4 weeks we are going to focus on removing any dysbiosis.

The last 2 week we are going to replace anything that is needed, for examples, digestive enzymes and probiotics.


Recipe ideas:



Omelet with veggies (frozen spinach, onions, olives, ect)

GF oatmeal with peanut butter

Smoothie- vegan protein, coconut/almond milk, add in cacao nibs, frozen cherries, bananas, avocado, hemp hearts

Bacon (nitrate free)

Sausage (nitrate free)

Lunch or Dinner:

Salmon cakes, baked or grilled

Grassfed burgers

Grassfed hotdogs

Chicken- grilled, baked, shredded in the crockpot


Tacos- corn tortilla or grain free

Healthy meatloaf


Brussel sprouts

Green Beans

Carrots- baked or steamed

Cauliflower rice

Broccoli- roasted, rice, steamed

Palmini-with tomato sauce- add meat

Any vegetable you can think of!


(If needed, snacks are not ideal as you are not giving your digestive tract time to digest, rest, and reset. Try to drink water or tea first. If you are still hungry- go for it!)


Beef sticks (grass-fed, nitrite free)

Veggies (with guacamole or hummus)



Golden tea (coconut milk, turmeric, honey)

Epic bars


Kid Friendly Meal Ideas:

Taco night

Potato bar (substitute sweet potato for yours)

Homemade chicken nuggets

Pork, shredded, chips for kids, salad for you!

Spaghetti and meatballs or sauce (spaghetti squash or palmini for you!)

Need MORE ideas? Check out Dr. Jen's blog - search recipes! 

Need a kickstart? The 3 day sugar detox is a great way to stop cravings and get you on point! A three day guide to curb your sugar cravings, complete with recipe plans! 

Need supplements for the protocols? 

Need support? Dr. Jen will be providing support in her Facebook group (Integrative Health Group with Dr. Jen) and on IG (@healthologybydrjen and @integrativedrmom). 

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