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CGM Continuous Glucose Monitors and stable blood glucose Part I

Updated: Mar 20, 2023

You might have heard of CGM from diabetics wearing them or you have heard about your favorite biohackers wearing them.

Either way, they are a great biofeedback tool and so helpful to my patients while getting their blood sugar stable!

What is it?

A compact medical system that continuously monitors your glucose levels in more or less real time (there’s normally a 5-minute interval between readings)

Where to get it?

A prescription, from Nutrisense or Veri.

Veri is great and gives you insight on metabolic flexibility and more. It's great if you need to track- this app you can track sleep, meals and workouts. Use this link for a special discount.

Nutrisense is another CGM app which lets you track what you eat and activities while you wear your sensor. You can use code DRJEN25 to save $25 off your monitor!

How to apply it?

Check our this video!

What to do when you get it?

Start tracking and journaling.

What to track?

Food, your mood, where are you in your cycle, exercise, alcohol, ect.

This is the plan that works really well for my patients:

First week- eat like you normally do! Let's see your baseline

Second week- Try to add more fats and proteins in

Third and fourth week- Try the tips and tricks!

Fifth week on - Are you getting optimal? Have fun and test some favorite foods. Conquer the tips and tricks. You should have fun using them and watching them work with the CGM.

Here are some of my veri tables. We all have things to work on with our metabolic health! It's also great to experiment with certain foods.

What do you think? Would you wear a CGM? Stay tuned I am going to be doing some fun experiments coming up and will share my tips and tricks for stable blood sugar.

In Health,

Dr. Jen


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