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Favorite products

These products have been tested and personally used (and loved!) by Dr. Jen

Image by Naomi Hébert

A clean and nontoxic home is crucial to health. We spend a lot of times in our home.

Image by Brooke Lark

Food and snacks are sometimes very hard to find clean. These products are tested (eaten!) by Dr. Jen and her family. 

Image by Brian Lawson

This is Dr. Jen's favorite category. Hacking your health with red light, massage tools, sauna, and more! 

Image by Edz Norton

Beauty products can be a hidden source of toxins. Dr. Jen's favorite dry shampoos, mascara and more! 

Image by freestocks

Amazon favorite

Lots of miscellaneous products from amazon are found here

Affliate disclosure statement

Dr. Jen may make a small commission off of some of these links. She is not an affiliate of any product or service that I do not trust for use in my own home or with my children. She personally uses and loves these products.

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