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EMFs - let's talk about the research and solutions

EMFs are electromagnetic fields are found in nature. The concern is the excessive man made EMFs and radiation we are constantly surrounded by.

What are examples of non-ionizing radiation? Cell phones, apple watches, blue tooth, microwaves, ect.

From lowest frequency to highest: Extremely low frequency, low frequency (computers, TVS), Radio waves, Microwaves (cell phones around this range), Infrared.

What about examples of ionizing radiation? (These are the things we know cause DNA damage with long term exposure) UV light, X-rays, Gamma Rays (highest frequency)

Some short term exposure can be ok and help healing like PEMF mats for examples.

However, we do know that cell phones and constant high amounts of EMFs can cause damage.

Cell phones are a concern with a cystic review and meta-analysis between long tern cell phone use and a 2.22 times greater odds of low-grade glioma occurrence (brain cancer).

Many in vitro studies have shown radio frequency exposure which is the EMF from cell phones causing adverse effects on DNA damage and inducing cancer.

The cell phone radiation is a 900 MHx (megahertz) electromagnetic field (EMF).

A study on radiofrequency radiations emitted by mobile phone base stations in India showed reduction in glutathione and superoxide dismutase (SOD) when compared to controls. There was also damage in their lymphocytes in their blood.

What about the thyroid? In a study on rats, one group was exposed to 900 MHz EMF and the other group was a controlled group. The EMF group did decrease serum (blood) TSH and T3-T4 levels.

Another review found exposure to cell phone radiation showed histopathological changes in the thyroid gland follicles. The results were related to the duration and amount of exposure.

One more study: A 2016 study in Endocrine on rats and their offspring showed that mobile phone and wi-fi caused increased oxidative uterine injury and decreased hormones levels in the maternal rats. The plasma prolactin, estrogen, and progesterone were decreased in the mobile phone (900 and 1800 Mhx) and the WI-Fi (2400 MHz) groups.

What do you do? You reduce exposure!

My favorite products I use are Shield Your Body.

Make sure you don’t like my high power lines or worse yet, a 5G tower!

Turn your wifi off at night use a Christmas tree timer and have your WiFi on a timer! We have done this for the past 5 year and it’s so easy!

Taking NAC will help increase your glutathione levels and support your body during EMF exposure.

What are you tips for EMFs? Leave them below in the comments!

In Health,

Dr. Jen


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