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Why do you need a phospholipid complex?

Phospholipids are such an important part your cellular membranes. They decrease with aging. So we need to make sure we are supplementing as we age. Phospholipids are very important for brain health and are a great additional to a mold or candida treatment protocol.

What exactly do they do?

-Support immune and mitochondrial function

-Support GI health and integrity

-Help with a normal inflammatory balance

-Support cellular structure, signaling and function.

PC Pro is a full-spectrum phosphatide blend made from sunflower. There are other brands that are made from soy which is not what you want! This blend is bioavailable and absorbed quickly!

PC Pro supports the nervous system and some benefits include better focus, brain health and cognitive function. The benefits of a full-spectrum phosphatide blend to help balance the nervous system.

Let's break down the different phospholipids found in PC Pro.





Phosphatidylcholine represents more than 90% of the phospholipids comprising intestinal mucus. This is the primary component of the intestinal barrier. This helps as a protective shield by binding foreign material.

Phosphatidylserine plays a key role is cellular signaling. It also plays an important role in apoptosis. It is also required for healthy nerve cell membranes and myelin. This phospholipid is very important for memory, cognition and healthy brain aging.

So the question is- why aren't you taking a high quality phospholipid supplement?

Dosing is one scoop daily in your favorite drink! I like pairing mine with Gut shield and Collagen with coconut or cashew milk!

Can children take PC pro? Yes! 75 lbs would be 1/2 scoop 50 lbs 1/4 scoop

In health,

Dr. Jen


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