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Recipe ideas!!!

It's tough to get meal plans together! Here are some ideas to get your kitchen ready to go and your Gut Healthy plan started!

Being gluten and dairy free do not have to be boring. It can be super easy! I know it can be overwhelming at first, but eventually it will become second nature. You will want to eat this way because you FEEL better! (Another big issue with gluten is glyphosate- it's terrible for gut health! When you nix gluten you get rid of a lot of glyphosate exposure)!

Download the printable below!

4 week Thyroid Reboot menu
Download PDF • 97KB

. One of the HARDEST things is food! Planning is going to be the most important step to have success. Crock pot meals are also an easy swap: Low carb chili and other soups can be added in and swapped easily!

What you put in your body either heals inflammation or creates inflammation. What. isyour choice going to be?

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