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Peanut oil and palm oil - what to consume?

Peanut oil. 🥜 Peanuts are actually not a nut but a legume. They are also susceptible to mold (fungal-Aspergillus) growth -aflatoxins. Due to chemistry it is a more stable oil. For my children I like when they have fries that are either fried in peanut oil or lard (soybean or canola oil I cringe). I recently came across an article discussing aflatoxin 1B and the VDR receptor. Basically, it discusses the toxin effects towards the receptor and the possibility of this being a factor of rickets in children in Africa. Fascinating really (and concerning). Corn is also a huge crop that has aflatoxin in it. Valencia peanuts seem to be more resistant to the aflatoxin and organic is a little better also. So is peanut oil heat stable? Yes. Is it the best choice? No. This is where you weigh risks and benefits. Palm oil. 🌴 This one is also controversial and showing up in more food products. (Not to be confused with palm kernel oil- which is a good source of MTCs.) Palm oil is actually one of the vegetable oils that is lower in Linoleic acid (more inflammatory), it's main fatty acid is Palmitic acid, which is a saturated fat. However, this oil is less likely than sunflower oil to oxidize which is where the healthy complications can arise. Is this my favorite oil? No, there is a question about its sustainability and there needs to be more research on it's cardiovascular effects. Would I pick it over other sunflower oil? Yes. This is why on my good cooking oil list I had an asterisk near it.

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