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Glyphosate- in the rain, in our water, in our food 😞

Glyphosate.... it's poison to plants and our gut health. Why are we okay with consuming this? Why are we obsessed as Americans with round-up? Why have farmer's sold out to seed companies and round up ready crops? We are causing major gut disrupting by continuing to use and consume glyphosate. It's so bad, it's even in the rainwater. Most patients I test for glyphosate have levels detected, even high. There have been animal studies linking subacute and chronic exposure to anxiety and depression.

Glyphosate can also affect the thyroid by altering TSH signaling in the pituitary gland. This leads to decreased TSH and altered thyroid hormones by reduction in the DIO activity.

For hormones, glyphosate can alter hormones by altered aromatase activity. This can lead to decreased testosterone and increased estrogens.

Glyphosate is a gut disruptor and an endocrine disruptor! Where can you find high levels in your food? It can lurk anywhere- hummus, cheerios, Pepsi, candy. It is also in your water! What do you do? Buy organic, buy nonGMO, there is glyphosate free labeling now also. Make a difference with how you spend your money- especially all the WOMEN out there- we buy the most food. Read labels, make a difference, change your children's health (and your health!)

Make sure you have a high quality RO (reverse osmosis) system in your house. This table top AquaTru is my favorite and we have it at our home.

Another helpful thing is BinderPro if you think you are exposed to a hefty dose of glyphosate you can take once capsule to help bind environmental toxins and eliminate them!

A few times a week I make sure to use Gut Protect to maintain a healthy intestinal immune system by binding a broad range of microbes and toxins within the gut lumen. This product provides 1,200 mg IgG in a one-scoop serving.

Making sure your gut health is working properly and your liver health is optimal is also going to help combat these toxins. We live in a toxic world, so we need to know how to detox properly!

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