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BINDER . PRO: Healthy Substances to Detox


Healthy Substances to Detox Heavy Metals

Exposure to heavy metals like lead, mercury, arsenic, chromium, and cadmium can all lead to serious health effects across different areas of the body. Even the smallest amount of exposure has the potential to negatively impact health when accumulated over time! These heavy metals have unfortunately found their way into our everyday environment, and in result, within the water and food we consume.

Besides being vigilant in the water we drink and the food we eat, supplementation with purified Zeolite can help mitigate the risk of heavy metal exposure on our body. Purified Zeolite binds to harmful heavy metals in the gut and holds them securely to eliminate them from the body. It can do this by ionically attracting the heavy metals typically ingested.

What does this mean? – Most heavy metals are cations and carry a positive charge and Zeolite naturally carries a negative charge, and we know… opposites attract!

Zeolite has a three-dimensional honeycombed framework. It is important that the Zeolite we are ingesting has a high concentration of Clinoptilolite. This type of Zeolite mineral has a non-fibrous, cup or plate-like shape. In combination with a purification process to reduce naturally bound impurities, Clinoptilolite with cup, or plate-shaped crystal structure has a higher affinity to heavy metals, as well as, is safe for consumption.

Left: Clinoptilolite (plate or cupped shaped) YES!, Right: Erionite (needle or fiber shape) NO!

It is important to be taking a Zeolite product that is designated for human consumption and does not contain any fibrous or needle shaped crystals. Purified Zeolite with a high level of Clinoptilolite has an exceptionally high ion exchange capacity to bind to a variety of heavy metals for safe elimination from the GI tract, which will provide excellent support to reduce heavy metal toxin exposure to the body!

Take your detoxification to the next level with BINDER . PRO!

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