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Advanced Glycation End Products --> Crispy and Crooked 😮

Advanced Glycation End Products 🤔 (AGEs) Consuming high AGE foods can put a strain on the body and increase oxidative stress. This can deplete natural anti-oxidant defenses. This can increase the risk of disease and increases inflammation. 🔥 Elevated in AGEs are found in women with PCOS and ovulatory dysfunction. There is also a correlation between diabetes and increased AGEs. 😱 Once again diet plays a role. Decreasing foods with high AGEs can decrease insulin resistance. Processes foods are usually higher in AGEs. 😳 Cook foods at low temperatures and with lots of water-based moisture by steaming, stewing, poaching, and braising. Fried foods are high in AGEs and should be avoided. When grilling meats or fish, marinating your food in an acid such as lemon/lime juice, dry wine (organic), bone broth, olive oil or vinegar before cooking it will reduce AGEs by up to half. 🙌🏻 When marinating I love to use Redmond's real salt seasoning! Use code DRJEN to save 15% Make small changes and reduce your risk of disease. Once again- food is medicine!

Would you like to hear more studies on this subject?

Listen to my podcast on some studies about AGEs.


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